We deserve fair policing.

We deserve equal justice.

We demand respect.


Tell YOUR story.  Voice your support.


We the people, speak as one.

The History

Memphis, 1968

The labor movement and civil rights movement joined forces against the tide of inequality. Together, they marched for the universal right to justice, humanity, and freedom, united under the rallying cry “I AM A MAN”.


Following several high-profile cases like Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and Tamir Rice, we need to stand together NOW for new policies that reflect our multiracial America.

Join #IAMTHEMANY and speak up in support of criminal justice reform.

Join ACT/ART and the White House to raise awareness.

The #IAMTHEMANY campaign for criminal justice reform has been created in coordination with the White House.

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ACT/ART was founded on a belief in the power of contemporary art to inspire positive change. By combining creative expression with the cultural influence of social media, our campaigns connect artists and the public with vital social issues.